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Writer's Block: Top of the Charts [05 Sep 2009|07:08pm]
What's the most-played song in your music library?
"Disturbia" by Rhianna. I admit it.

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Only 2 More Days,,, [27 Apr 2009|08:12am]
[ mood | sore ]

I only have 2 more days of classes for this semester, then 4 finals, then my 2L year of law school is done! Yay! Of course, those 4 finals won't be over until May 14, which seems really far away, but still. I can see the light. Now I seriously, seriously need to get my ass in gear and start prepping for finals. I didn't do nearly the amount of reading/outlining I should have done thus far, so now it's all piled up. Ick.

The good thing is this: the weather is so perfect that I can do my studying out by the pool. It makes things much more enjoyable, if that's even possible for Business Associations, Evidence, and the like. Spring finals are so much more tolerable than winter, solely because the sun is actually out.

My body feels like it was hit by a truck. And then that truck backed up and ran over it again. I played in a soccer tournament on Saturday. We won the tourney, but it took 5 games and I managed to get literally the world's biggest bruise on my shin and the grossest blister I've ever seen on my right (kicking) foot. Then Sunday my indoor soccer team had 2 games, which is unusual - we've never had 2 in one day before, so of course that would happen when I'm already exhausted. And limping because of the blister-from-hell. But we played well and won yesterday, too. That's enough soccer for a week for me. I hurt.

I'm currently trying to convince myself to the gym to go swimming and lifting. But my bed is soooo warm...

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Some Excitement! [09 Apr 2009|03:43am]
[ mood | chipper ]

First off, I love naps. They are definitely one of my favorite things in life, right behind beaches, sports, and Johnny Depp. However, when said naps begin at 4 p.m. and last 4 hours, they are not so good. It is now almost 3:34 a.m. and I am not even close to being tired. Bad plan, Elizabeth, bad plan. Must make note to self to limit naps to 1 hour in the future.

This super-long nap was probably a good thing just this once, because I had a ton to do before 10 a.m. One of my dearest friends is arriving from Ohio in a few hours - we played college soccer together and were roommates for part of college. I haven't seen her since graduation 2 years ago, though we have kept in touch pretty well. She'll be here from Thursday to early Monday, and I am SO excited. Sometimes it's just really nice to have someone around who knows you unlike anyone else. I love the friends I've made in law school, but I have a totally different relationship with the girl I suffered through college sports with.

And since I am not in my apartment unless I am sleeping, eating, or changing my clothes, it isn't generally very clean. And when I say generally, I mean it is only clean when someone comes to visit me. Thus, I've been scrubbing, washing, and organizing for hours. I actually don't hate cleaning - I put on some good music and it feels good to be productive.

I went to the Lakers game yesterday - they were in town to play the Kings. It was really fun, since I haven't been to a Lakers game since I was a little girl living just outside L.A.

Okay, must go clean more. I need to get at least a few hours sleep since I will be going at 150 m.p.h. for the next 4 days.

As a side note, I am hella pissed with the weather - it was 85 and sunny Monday, and when my friend gets here it will be rainy and the coldest it's been in weeks. Dammit.

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Cranky Post Ahead [01 Apr 2009|08:24pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

It is official: I hate boys. I swear, every time I finally decide to stop flirting around and actually like one guy, he decides he's over me. Fuck this. I think I may become a nun. It would be a lot less maddening.

Also, I'm tired of being "one of the guys." It's been like that my whole life, probably because I grew up with 3 brothers and am just more comfortable around guys, but it can get old. Especially when they like to emotionally beat up on me like I'm a younger brother. I wish I had good girl friends, but I've never been good at making female friends. I compete with them too much. I hope I grow out of it, and SOON. Maybe I'll become a 'friend nun' as well.

At least the weather is nice. 80 and sunny today - I sat outside for lunch and dinner and did some reading on my porch. Love this weather - it makes me sure I was right to come to California instead of New York. I don't do winter.

I have a shitload of work to do in the next month. It's really daunting to think about it. But I can't help it.

I miss my dog.

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[31 Mar 2009|09:16pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Good Stuff:
- less than a month of class left
- the weather is GORGEOUS! can't complain about sunny and 75 every day!
- got to spend spring break in L.A., and I love all things SoCal...especially the beaches
- warm weather = dresses and skirts sans tights!
- i love my friends
- law review comment is done and turned in, thank god
- college roomie coming to visit next week
- tickets to the Lakers game next week
- have a new guy i'm talking to

Not So Good Stuff:
- less than a month of class left, and I have a TON to do
- I'm scared I'll never find my ideal career path with this shit economy blocking certain paths
- I miss the beach. as in really, really miss
- my room is a disaster area and i can't bring myself to clean it
- I'm tired of worrying about $$$
- I have to go to san jose this weekend to watch my cousin swim in a meet, and I really don't want to go
- and the big whammy: i've felt really fat lately, and it consumes my thoughts. I want to start restricting, but I know that's a bad idea, given my past. damn.

so there you have it.

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Because I Literally Cannot Resist a Meme... [04 Mar 2009|08:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I stole this from audesapere

I should be working on my Law Review comment right now...Collapse )

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Writer's Block: Animal Instinct [18 Feb 2009|05:02am]
What creature would you choose as your spirit animal?
I actually know mine - it's a bear.
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Writer's Block: Dream Trip [17 Feb 2009|11:20pm]
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If I had to choose one place right now, it would be Japan. That being said, it is my goal to get to all 7 continents at some point in my life.
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Writer's Block: Seven [05 Feb 2009|11:42am]
Which of the seven deadly sins—sloth, greed, lust, gluttony, anger, envy, and pride—are you most likely to commit?
Definitely envy. No question.
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Writer's Block: True Crime [15 Jan 2009|12:27am]
[ mood | blank ]

Today is the anniversary of the death of Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia. What real-life murder story are you most fascinated by?
The Manson Family murders. Though I've also read extensively on Jack the Ripper and John F. Kennedy's murder, and I've read a little on Son of Sam, the Boston Strangler, the Black Dahlia, and the Zodiac Killer.

Jeez, I'm a little too fascinated by the macabre, me thinks.

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Writer's Block: Back to School [14 Jan 2009|12:20am]
[ mood | bored ]

What fictional high school—from tv, film, or a book—would you most like to attend? Or would you rather never go near high school again, fictional or otherwise?
I'm sure a ton of people will say this, but definitely Hogwarts.
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Writer's Block: Morning Decisions [11 Jan 2009|11:26am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

The eternal breakfast dilemma: Sweet or savory?
Well, I am a huge fan of pancakes or waffles with tons of gooey syrup, sweet cereals, and cinnamon rolls, but there is also a time for thick, cheesy, vegetable-stuffed omelets and biscuits with gravy...

...I can't choose! It depends on my mood that morning.

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Pics to go along with my half-ass update [10 Jan 2009|11:05am]
Here are a few pics of what I've been up to over the last month...

First time ice-skating!

First time snowboarding! SO. MUCH. FUN.

New Years!

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Half-Ass Update [10 Jan 2009|09:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

My updating skills fail as of late. So I'll try to do a quick recap of the past month in as few words as possible:

* Suffered through finals = am halfway through law school
* Went back to NC for Christmas. Was very, very bored for 90% of my visit, save for the time I spent with a guy I've pretty much been in love with since 11th grade
* Back to Sac for New Years. Drank too much. Felt like hell for 2 days
* Joined a gym so I can get in kick-ass shape this year
* Went snowboarding for the first time ever. Fell in love with it and bought a season pass to Tahoe.
* Spent a shitload of money on clothes, shoes, said gym membership, said season pass. Fear my next credit card bill
* Made a "100 Things to do in 1000 Days" List and already crossed ice-skating and snowboarding off that list. Yay me!
* Decided on my summer job: I'll be interning with the Army JAG, aka the lawyers for the military. Am stoked.
* Did some work on my law review comment, which is due in, oh, 2 days. Am only halfway done. Should stop LJ-ing and get to work on that...

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Back in NC [20 Dec 2008|03:36am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Finals are over and I'm back in North Carolina until Dec. 29. Dammit.

I usually nearly go crazy on the plane ride from CA to NC and vice-versa, since it just seems SO long. However, this year was perfect - I was out partying with my classmates until 6 AM the day I was to fly out, and we left for the airport at 7 AM, so I got on the plane and literally passed out for the entire trip. I don't even remember taking off. It was glorious.

Not so glorious was the fact that the airline lost my bag and it took over a day to locate it. I was livid - this is seriously about the 10th time I've had my bags lost. Couple that with the fact that I am in NC only once a year, so I like to look decent when I see people I only see once a year which is hard when you have literally no clothes other than your airplane clothes, no makeup, no hair straightener, no other shoes, etc. Not a good way to start off the vacation. Particularly when I don't want to be here at all...

I simply do not like the South. Period. I don't like the weather, the food, the NASCAR, the hunting, the lack of cities and things to do in them...The people are nice, I will admit, but I can find nice people out in California where the weather is amazing and the food isn't all doubly-deep-fried. Oh yeah, and there are things to DO at night in California, other than sit around a campfire and drink cheap beer, I mean. It was weird coming back this time - it's the first time since I graduated from high school and started visiting for the holidays that I felt like I was actually leaving home for the holidays - not coming home for the holidays. Odd.

*sigh* Also, my Dad doesn't know if he's going to make it home at all while I'm here, which really upsets me, since I haven't seen him in over a year. I hate his boss. Bastard.

And also also, I just found out that I got selected for a summer internship with Army JAG, which is the lawyers for the military. They only pick 50 people out of the whole country. And I F-ING already accepted another summer job elsewhere because I thought I had no chance for this internship. So I am deeply upset about this as well.

Damn it all to hell and back again.

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[17 Dec 2008|01:55pm]
[ mood | sad ] will be missed.


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Writer's Block: Prohibited [05 Dec 2008|11:55am]
Today marks the passing of the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which repealed Prohibition. It might seem crazy to us now, but alcohol was illegal in the U.S. for 13 years. What common vice do you think is most likely to be outlawed in the future?
 Please, please, PLEASE let it be smoking.

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[04 Dec 2008|10:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Time Waster Ahead!

Go to and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you.


1) Your name:
1. Derived from the Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva.
2. AWESOME! awesome awesome. awesomeness. more awesome.
3.The Queen. A woman of great power, intellectual ability, and loyalty. Beautiful, compassionate, and chaste. Originally from Hebrew "promised to God."

I like 3 best.

2) Your age (jeezus)
The greatest number of all time.

It is a pretty great number...

3) One of your friends?
Ancient greek translation for "eternal sex-god". It is beleived that anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time. Men posessing this name are also well endowed.

Oh, God, he would love this!

4) What should you be doing? (well this is as close as i got to hanging out with...)
An excuse you give your friends when you want to stay home alone and masturbate. Also known as 'reading' 'cleaning your room' or writing a term paper.

LOL. That would be way more fun that what I'm actually doing...

5) Favorite color?
The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.


6) Birthplace?
Better than your state. Sure, the roads suck, but not as bad as parts of Kentucky. Sure, the people can be dumb, but not as dumb as in Alabama. Sure, the weather sucks, but not as badly as it does in Alaska. Yeah, okay, it's a little rural, and you have to buy your liquor in state stores, and there's no beaches, but at least we're not West Virginia. Or Iowa.

Plus, the Amish are cool, we make ketchup and chocolate, the Steelers used to be a decent team, and hey! we've got a town called Intercourse.

Steelers!!! Woot!!!

7) Month of your birthday
May is the month where teachers think that they can control a classroom but really nothing gets done and no one cares about their grades anymore. usually this happens because summer break is only 30 days away.

Spot on.

8 ) Last person you talked to?
A sexy little creauture!

I'll let her know.

9) One of your nicknames?
Short form for ecstasy.

I have a similar effect on people...

10) Last ex?
Sexy, without flaw, loving, kindhearted, name for someone that is special to you, thoughtful.


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Writer's Block: Gone but Not Forgotten [04 Dec 2008|08:48pm]
Many beloved television shows are no longer with us, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Six Feet Under, and Mystery Science Theater 3000. What defunct television show do you miss the most?
"The Sopranos," "Sex and the City," and of course, "Friends."
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Back from Thanksgiving Break [02 Dec 2008|04:25pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I got back from my Thanksgiving break yesterday. I flew out to Phoenix to see my aunt, uncle, and cousin, and then we drove to Anaheim and spent 4 days at Disneyland, I LOVE Disney, so that was a blast, despite the crazy crowds. Also, we won Dream FastPasses the first day we were there, so we got to skip to the front of the lines at all the huge attractions with hour-long waits. SCORE. The weather was decent - about 65-70 and partly sunny every day, so can't complain much there. As always, I cried during the parade, the fireworks, and Fantasmic...each time we saw them, which was, oh, about 6 times total. Sad, I know, but I can't help it. I think I get emotional because it reminds me of my childhood, which was very happy and took place about 50% at Disneyland.

And now I am back at school, trying to force myself to study for finals, which start next week. That's obviously not going very well, as I am here screwing around online instead. Need to get on that ASAP.

But for now, I shall dazzle you with a few pics from Disney :)

My cousin and I with our Dream FastPasses.

My absolute favorite Disney character, Mickey Mouse.

On California Screamin.' I love posing for pics, even when I'm on rides.

On King Arthur's Carosel.

Okay, I'll stop clogging your friend's page now.

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